Giving Back

Owner Dave Thum is a long-term Rotarian and embraces giving back to the community. “Each year we will choose a cause that relates to the community of overland travelers and donate 10% of our profits to that cause”.

Giving Back: ConserVentures
In its first year of business the recipient of this donation will be the non-profit ConserVentures.

Roseann & Jonathan Hanson founded ConserVentures in 2010 and states its purpose as “We promote conservation through exploration. Exploration leads to personal connections, personal connections lead to awareness, and awareness leads to action, face-to-face. ConserVentures helps make that happen”. They go on to say “Exploration is one of the most important positive catalysts for change, as well as a defining human characteristic: to explore one’s identity, community, or world is intrinsic to being human”. Learn more here.